Research Data Repository

Examples of general open research data repositories:

Examples of general open research data repositories:

Open Data Repository developed by ICM UW as part of the Open Science Platform activities, archiving and sharing all data generated, collected and developed for the purposes of scientific research. Intended for the small data.

An international repository of research data, developed through the OpenAIRE and CERN initiative, enabling scientists in all fields of knowledge to easily archive and share their research data. Intended for the so-called small data.

An integrated platform for collecting and exchanging data enabling the use of digital resources of science, knowledge and technology of the Gdańsk University of Technology and units cooperating with all stakeholder groups on the basis of Open Access.

Registry of research data repositories:

Reliable and widely recommended international indexing database of research data repositories in all fields of knowledge kept by the German Research Foundation. It allows you to search for repositories according to the field of knowledge and the country in which the repository is run.