New call from the FENG program

The Foundation for Polish Science has announced a new call for proposals from the FENG program “Proof of Concept”. Proof of Concept (PoC) is an activity addressed to scientists working in Polish research organizations who want to verify the implementation potential of their research results.

Goals of the Proof of Concept activity:

  • enabling the implementation of R&D works in order to verify the research hypothesis and the implementation potential of research results
  • improving the skills of young researchers in the field of conducting scientific research of economic importance and developing their scientific careers
  • development of cooperation between science and business

The applicants are research organizations that indicate the main contractor of the project – the author of the proposal and the author or co-author of the research results that are the basis for the implementation of the PoC project. During the implementation of the project, this person will be an employee of the Applicant for at least 0.5-day job. The grant in the Proof of Concept activity can be applied for by researchers at any stage of their scientific career, also before obtaining a scientific degree.

As part of the Proof of Concept activity, the scientists can receive funding for research and development works aimed at verifying the research hypothesis put forward in the application. The effect of the conducted research should be progress on the path leading to the commercialization of the project. Under the measure, it is possible to implement projects in the formula of effective cooperation with an enterprise, with financial support granted only to a research organization. The thematic scope of projects that may receive funding is not limited to individual fields of science but refers to the priorities included in the list of National Smart Specializations.

One project can receive funding up to the amount of PLN 700,000. zloty. The funds are eligible for a maximum period of 12 months. Funding does not cover basic research.

The call for applications for co-financing will be conducted from 03.08.2023 – 07.09.2023.

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