Open publishing programs

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research Polish Academy of Sciences through the Virtual Library of Science, participates in open publishing programs. Necessary information available on the website: ICM – Wirtualna Bibliteka Nauki » Publikowanie otwarte.


in 2021, the existing contracts for national licenses of Elsevier and Springer, among others, came to an end. The new pools of the mentioned programs for 2022 will be determined during the negotiation of new contracts with publishers.

Springer’s open access publishing program will be launched after the MEiN has granted funding and new contracts have been signed, probably in March or April 2022.

Elsevier’s open publishing program part A has already been launched, although the terms of funding from MEiN, the scope of the license, and the new pool of articles are not yet determined. See more on the WBN website (November 16, 2021 announcements on funding for WBN licenses in 2021 and 2022, January 5, 2022 announcements on WBN licenses and open publishing programs, and January 20, 2022 announcements on Elsevier’s open access publishing program):