IP Protection & Commercialization

Intellectual property management (IP) is a system that manages intangible creations of the human intellect and primarily encompasses copyrights, patents, and trademarks. It also includes other types of rights, including publicity rights, and rights against unfair competition. The IP can be viewed as the results and outcomes of research and create a commercial value, which may be realized via various routes including licensing or selling intellectual property rights. 

Key steps to follow to protect intellectual property:

1. At any time IAR&FR researchers who have created IP are asked to contact Research Supporting Office (RSO) as early as possible to submit the form including the definition of the technical field to which the solution relates, detailed information on the purpose and application of the solution, what technical problem the project solves, how it is to be used in industrial activities and demonstrate the effects of the solution that can be achieved in relation to the state of technology. Contact person at RSO: Anna Bednarska, a.bednarska@pan.olsztyn.pl

2. The patent attorney conducts preliminary checks of background funding and involvement of external parties. He/she will also his/her own assessment of patentability and commercial value of the invention.

3. If the patent attorney considers the IP to be patentable and of commercial value, the Director of the Institute takes a decision about further actions such as a possibility of a patent claim to be submitted.

4. When outcomes of research create a commercial value, the Institute can transfer to one of the two special purpose vehicles called Inobiotek and Allebiotech for further implementation the results of scientific research or development works.

For more details about the IP management issues please consult below “Uchwała nr 12 Rady Naukowej IRZiBŻ PAN z dnia 26 lutego 2015“.