RMA 2nd Edition Workshops – Effective Collaboration in Science

The next workshops for the 2nd edition of the Rising Managers Academy take place on May 24-25, 2024. Designed to deepen the understanding of various forms, benefits, and challenges faced by researchers in joint research projects, these workshops aim to build a strong foundation for successful joint research endeavors and long-term professional relationships. The sessions focus on equipping participants with essential skills to foster effective collaboration within research teams.

The training will cover crucial aspects of research cooperation, including:

  • Communication and Teamwork: Enhancing interpersonal communication and teamwork skills to ensure seamless interaction and collaboration among team members.
  • Initiating and Conducting Cooperation: Providing strategies for initiating partnerships and maintaining productive collaborations throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Maximizing Value and Results: Teaching methods to optimize the value and outcomes of research projects, both during the project and after its completion. Participants are expected to gain practical insights and tools to improve cooperation, drive innovation, and achieve better project outcomes.