Call for Twinning HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-02 projects within Horizon Europe Framework Programme

The ERA established the need to improve access to excellence as one of the four main strategic goals. Striving towards excellence requires a stronger R&I system where best practice is disseminated faster across the European Union. To prevent further disparities, maximise investment in Research and Development and enhance economic growth, Horizon Europe is taking relevant actions under Widening participation and spreading excellence objective. Twinning actions are one of the main instruments of this objective.

Twinning aims to enhance networking activities between the research institutions of the Widening countries acting as co-ordinators and top-class leading counterparts at European Union level by linking it with at least two research institutions from two different Member States or Associated Countries. Therefore, building on the huge potential of networking for excellence through knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices between research institutions and partners.

Proposals should also focus on strengthening the research management and administration skills of the coordinating institution from the Widening country. This should take the form of a dedicated work package or task, placing emphasis on specific activities, in view of helping the staff of the coordinating institution to improve their proposal preparation and project management/administration skills. If not yet in place, setting up/upgrading a research management/administration unit within the coordinating institution would be beneficial. This will be achieved by fully utilising the experience and best practices of the internationally leading partners and is expected to be a concrete deliverable of the Twinning exercise.

A research / innovation component not exceeding 30% of the total Horizon Europe grant may include a research / innovation project. At least 50% of the budget for the research / innovation component must be allocated to the coordinator. This will open opportunities for integrating smaller research / innovation activities and this strengthen the commitment and the engagement of the twinning partners. The research part of the project should be presented through a dedicated work package and plan including the scientific objectives, tasks and roles of the partners.


For the first time, this Twinning call adopts a partially directional approach allowing proposals in line with the European Green Deal objectives to have a specific budget. Hence, applicants will have the choice to submit their proposals under either:

Topic A: The (usual) Twinning Bottom-Up (HORIZON-WIDERA 2023-ACCESS 02-01) or,

Topic B: The Twinning Green Deal (HORIZON-WIDERA 2023-ACCESS 02-02).

The duration of the Twinning project should be up to 3 years.

Planned opening date: 25 April 2023

Deadline date: 28 September 2023, 17:00:00 Brussels tim