Announcement of the forthcoming call

“Strengthening researchers’ skills for better careers – leveraging the European Competence Framework for Researchers”

The new ERA calls for deepening existing priorities and creating new initiatives by strengthening the mobility of researchers and the free flow of knowledge and technology, to improve access to excellence, boost market uptake and prioritise investment and reform. To address these requirements, Destination 3 of part 11 of the Horizon Europe work programme will support efforts to reform and enhance the European R&I system. Destination 3 is built around four strands corresponding to the four objectives set out in the ERA Communication:

  1. Prioritising investments and reforms in research and innovation;
  2. Improving access to excellence, progressing towards excellence across the whole EU and striving for stronger research and innovation systems;
  3. Translating R&I results into the economy to meet the digital and green transition objectives, and boost the resilience and competitiveness of our economies and societies;
  4. Deepening the ERA, to further progress the free circulation of knowledge and to ensure an upgraded, efficient and effective R&I system.

Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Researchers at all career stages equipped with a comprehensive set of transversal skills based on the European Competence Framework for Researchers (ResearchComp), to foster more open and inter-sectoral research careers, and a better recognition of the researcher profession;
  • Coordination and exchange of best practices between Higher Education Institutions, research institutions, and other training providers for the improvement of research and transversal skills training;
  • Meeting of labour market demands by strategic partnerships of training providers with labour market actors in the development of training programmes;
  • Contribution to certification of microcredentials;
  • Improved communication of science to the public, to make research careers more appealing to younger generations.

HORIZON-CSA HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions

Planned opening date: 06 December 2023

Deadline date: 12 March 2024 17:00:00 Brussels time